Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The bengali bong!

This Bengali bong DEMANDED her five minutes of fame and who are we to deny this!! A big hug to Aritri Kumar for being such a sporty female!

She is an MBA (Tech) EXTC+Marketing (Mind it! :P) currently working inn far far land of Punjab! A bubbly person, her motto in life is to always Keep Calm and Keep Smiling! 

Presenting, Aritri Kumar

 Shorts: Ginger,
Jewellery and Bag: Raste ka maal,
Flip flops:Ginger,
 Glares: Idee.
 Background: GOA!!!

Dress: OVS,
 Wedges:Queue Up Bag:

Everthing Mom's! :)

Love the coral pink Saree, after all everything from Mom's closet is always so pretty!



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