Saturday, 22 June 2013

A lovely day!

Good evening dear ladies,

I am Ragini Varma,, age 24 and engineer by choice and despite all my efforts of being modest, I must confess that beneath all the layers of fat, I do have a fashionista inside me. :D.  I am an extraordinarily ordinary person with great communication skills and really different outlook towards life, I feel "happiness" is the only emotion we should be submerged in.. rest doesn't matter....

You must be wondering what is this blog about? Being born and brought up in Assam, I have a heavy addiction to tea. Also, cheese is something I can't live without .But still why this name? Honestly. No idea. The only thing I know is that , I DON'T DO NORMAL.. *exaggerated sigh" :D

Anyways, This blog is about everyday fashion. Clothes which can be worn by any age group. I will be posting pictures of myself, my friends, and whoever wants their 5 minutes of fame on my blog.AGE NO BAR :).

What is different about this blog? Well. here's the surprise, I won't be the only one posting pictures. I urge all my readers to send me your photos. Pose girls and I will upload your pics on my blog. Do read the rules of posting pictures on this website.

Let the entire world see your pictures and like them, love them, or just "yawwwwn" over your style.

Its time to sparkle ladies :). Bring it on

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