Tuesday, 25 June 2013


While writing the next blog I was totally confused. I don't know if I can describe this girl in a few sentences.

Calling her beautiful is definitely an understatement. She loves to sing, is a brilliant dancer, can mesmerize anyone with her words.. She loves shopping but can never do it alone. She loves colors but because there are so many.. she gets confused.!! The epitome of cuteness, you can never have a dull moment when she is around..

My beautiful pahadan, (read: The beautiful belle from the hills), Monika Katoch

Blue Top: NUN
Shorts: Pantaloons

Whit T-shirt: Provogue
Shorts: Pantaloons

Black Lbd: Levis
Bag - Aiva

She can light up anyone's world with her sunshine smile!! Hope you guys like it.. :)

P.S Next up, the first Indian outfit post!


Jai Maata di,
Ragini :)

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