Monday, 22 July 2013

Online Store Review: Cheap and Chic

Happy one month anniversary to us! I love this blog, its my baby and I am more or less obsessed with it. I have been trying really hard to bring the best to our readers, be it online reviews, latest in style or giveaways. I try my best and once again THANK YOU, all of you!

So next up is a review for an e-store on facebook Cheap and Chic . 

Cheap and Chic was founded in October 2012 and has a come a long way since then.It was started by two Naga girls from Dimapur, Epibeni Kristi and Abhigail Swu who are both working professionals. Their love for fashion is what led them to launch Cheap and Chic. The collection is varied and extremely pocket friendly.  

Owners of Cheap and Chic
Right: Epibeni Kristi
Left: Abhigail Swu

Excerpts from the interview:

CnC:  Why Cheap and Chic?

Cheap and Chic: Our Love & Interest in Fashion made us do Cheap & Chic. We have been BBF's since kindergarten and we have been each other's fashion guru. We do not settle when its comes to looking the best so we thought why should we comprises when it comes to doing what we love. Thus Cheap and Chic happened.

CnC: How are you different from the rest of online e-commerce websites sprouting throughout facebook?

Cheap and Chic: Its true that there are lots of options in market when it comes to online stores but both of us being on the heavier side hardly found anything of our choice, size and option. Our Age and Profession limits us to get dressed in a certain manner however we do not forgot our young clients who drops in with certain expectation. Thus, our variety in clothes have expanded over the time keeping in mind that our price tag does not hamper the pockets.

What makes Cheap and Chic unique from other online stores is we entertain our clients even via BBM/What's app/We chat/Line... you name it we got it. Though both our profession is demanding in itself the little amount of joy we get when a clients calls/text/leaves a comment makes our effort all worth the while.

Now that's what we call true fashion lovers! We checked out their store and are already in love with so many products! *sigh* Whoever said money can't buy happiness?

 Some beautiful products from their store:

We love those brogues and floral pants! In short we love Cheap and Chic. 
Moreover, they have launched their new collection and I have already selected the pieces I love. :D:D
So, what are you guys waiting for? Check out their store here Cheap and Chic

Hope you guys like it,


  1. Thank You for the Love Ragini.

    Looking forward to share some back in the future.

    xx CC

  2. Thank You for the Love Ragini.

    Looking forward to share some back in the future.

    xx CC


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